Sun Realms City, Is Born

Greetings All,

A belated Happy New Year to everyone, and also to this blog! It is rare that I post here, but when I do, at least it’s something interesting. At least, I try to think of something to post…

Today, I’m here to announce that Sun Realms City on Elten is born. The Sun Realms City name, was first used on my Discord Server, since it is a city for chatting. Although the group is public and anyone may read it, said group is only open to those who are and/or who know friends of mine. Thus, the term "prublic" was born, coined by a man known among the interwebs as Master Jake.

Sun Realms City groups can also be found on Telegram, Discord (mentioned earlier), and Facebook.

Any other news to share? For now sadly no, but I hope people are happy with version 2.4 of the Elten Windows client.
No I wasn’t there for much of the beta cycle sadly, but I chipped in as much as I could.

And with that, may you all have a great rest of your night/day.

Giving Thanks To A Goblit Of Disney Fire

Sun Realms Avenue Is Born, Plus Special Link To My Elten Profile

Greetings Elteneers

Back in the old days, when "Klango" was the "big" thing, I created the "Klango Planet", one of the largest groups around with over 100 users. These days, the "Sun Realms Cafe" fills in the voyd on "mobile" platforms, such as "Telegram." The Cafe itself has also been around on Facebook, WhatsApp, Allo, Line and KakaoTalk over the years. Like with all things however, many dislike "anything" owned by "Facebook", Google's "Allo/Plus" are both no more, and not everyone can/wishes to use something else for whatever reason do to its interface depending on the platform.

So, how in the world do ya fix a mess like this? Ya go back to what worked before, and start from scratch! And thanks to "Elten" having the ability to create your own groups since July of this year, I present to you,

"Sun Realms Avenue!"

Will it be as poppular as the "Klango Planet" once was back in the day? No clue really. If anything, thanks to all of the new "customization" features that Group Admins have now, it's truly a well more restructured place!

If ya wish to join, please feel free to send off a "signal flare," and I shall catch it.

Now, how about that "special" link to my "Elten" profile…

Don't forget to hit the "F6" key on your keyboard to bring up "translation" options for translating the site to "English" if ya haven't already done so. Same goes for tapping the "always" item in the "options" menu.

And with that, this blog entry comes to a close. More tomorrow!

Time To Check In With Yall! (Long Post Ahead, Get The “Popcorn!”)

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Welcome! (Original Intro)